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Custom Speakers

As you will see in the following pictures, our speaker designs speak for themselves...literally thinking and building “out of the box.” We operate from an “ideal” standpoint—merging ideal acoustics and aesthetics to create uniquely individualized speaker systems. Combining the construction concepts of non-parallel walls, time alignment and high defraction-loss architecture, our speakers take on not just a new world of unbridled sound, but a look that turns an ordinary speaker into functional art work.

click on each photo for larger views and specifications



Alien Spiders with Egg Sack Subwoofers


Ice Cream Sundae

Fish Tank

Budda Girl 8.3

Paisley 10.3

Big Red Subwoofer

Lunar Module Subwoofer

Puppy Sub


Bamboo Flying Saucer

Morning Glory

Studio Montior 1

Clay Pots

Tire Speakers


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